Looking at what a community has rather than what it lacks proves to be much more effective in setting a course for future growth and prosperity.

Downtown Strategies works with communities on identifying their assets, and, more importantly, finding ways to connect these assets in new ways so there is the likelihood the future will be one of choice rather than one of chance. Engagements with communities in asset-based economic development are typically brief and of the “teaching people to fish” model. Topics and training in these engagements include:

  • The Asset Connection Experience (ACE): A workshop that engages citizen-leaders in economic and community development by focusing on what can be accomplished by recognizing and connecting the assets of the community.
  • Economic Gardening: More than a phrase, this is a proven strategy focused on a statistically verified target market of businesses likely to grow.
  • Expanding Leadership: To move forward, communities need more leaders and new leaders. One technique in particular can bring the next generation of leaders to the forefront right now.
  • Leveraging Alumni: Concepts to connect with and engage community alumni – those perhaps gone from the community but still in a position to help their hometown.